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Resale Value


Recent market activity indicates collector car values have recovered after some declines in the past decade.

What you want for your vehicle or what you are willing to take is up to you, but with a professionally documented appraisal in hand you will have an independent valuation of the current fair market value.

Knowing what your vehicle is worth can help you find the right buyer so you can get what you deserve from the sale.

Know the market value of your vehicle before you start to advertise. 

Insured Value

car appraisal, car values

Don't wait until something happens to have your car appraised. It is important to have independent documentation of the current condition and value of your collectible vehicle when obtaining insurance.

Insurance companies typically accept professional appraisals and will write coverage based on those appraisals.  

Not only is an independent documentation important to secure coverage from your insurance company, but it becomes even more critical when you have to deal with another driver's insurer.

Many accidents involving collectible vehicles are not the fault of the owner, but the fault of another individual.

A comprehensive and professional appraisal is a valuable tool when negotiating the settlement of a claim, and an important way to protect your investment.

Property Settlement

car values, car appraisal

Property settlements require that assessed values be accurate so that you can determine how best to distribute assets.

Inconsistent or inaccurate appraisals can lead to loss of property and misappropriation of assets.