Price Options*

Depending on your needs, pricing will vary whether it is something as simple as a pre-purchase inspection or something more complex and complete like a full vehicle appraisal. Following is a pricing schedule that will allow you to pick and choose the options you would prefer and give you a basic idea of the investment you will have in that service.

Insurance/Financing Valuation
Basic evaluation begins at $225 and covers most areas found in a full appraisal but ultimately provides a range of value so insurance coverage can be put in place to adequately handle the true value of the vehicle based on current market comparisons. You will have pictures and review of all components/systems, just not at the depth of a full appraisal. Typically includes 20-30 photo images, 6-8 comparative vehicle descriptions and copies for the insurance company or bank and yourself.
Full Appraisal
The most detailed of any of the processes, this provides a certified and heavily documented look at what makes up the vehicle, inside and out. Starting at $375, the appraisal includes a multiple page report, confirmed value comparisons from industry accepted sources,  verification of any production markings or numbers and anywhere from 80-100 photo images, both printed and digital recordings of the report and a thorough written justification of a final value.
Documentation has become an important part of the vintage vehicle market and can include everything from correct numbers on various components to paperwork that provides true historical significance. This process begins at $250 and will include both photographic and written certification that claimed documentation is in order.
Pre-purchase Inspection
Typically an inspection is needed when you want an objective opinion about a potential purchase. Is the vehicle as described? Are there areas of concern? Are there issues with this particular type of vehicle which you may not know about?  Starting at $200, this process can be completed with 24-48 hours and assist in those final negotiations to close on your dream vehicle.

*All services are subject to final approval of pricing after discussion of needs. This pricing is meant to provide a base for that discussion and does not include any additional expenses related to necessary travel that may need to be performed. Other services, such as legal deposition or expert witness, are priced by the hour and negotiated at the time of need.​

Travel, if required,
is $30 per hour from
Cedar Falls, Iowa.

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