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Appraisals should contain details. Appraisal forms are okay, but don't fully describe conditions and an appraiser has the responsibility to describe what is seen, felt and heard as the vehicle is documented. Many images help to provide a visual description, but actual descriptions, written and provided by the person doing the appraisal are essential. Sending forms off to someone else to create a final document is simply not enough and you should have the ability to communicate directly with the appraiser with questions and concerns.

Depending on the vehicle and the ability to reach certain areas of the vehicle, numbers for specific components (engine, transmission, rear end, etc.) may be recorded to provide further confirmation of originality. Aftermarket parts or components that may have some impact on overall vehicle value might also be included in the documentation.

Appraisals include extensive images of exterior, interior, drivetrain, suspension, trunk and any other areas that might be appropriate. Along with those images are descriptions of each area. Comparable vehicles with specific examples are included to provide justification of current market values and a cover letter details the appraisers findings with a value based on the appraiser's opinion and experience.

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All documents are created and put into final form using Adobe PDF so they can be easily transmitted. Printed copies are available as well, but require a slight upcharge for the printing cost plus mailing, if needed.

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